Daniel Hayes Sensei:

Due to Sensei’s sincerity, pursuit of quality, and skill he has earned the respect of the founding fathers and prominent figures of Shorinjiryu and outside organizations.  More importantly the Island Budokan has the honor of being to not only cross, but open political lines. Sensei has trained many of the top competitors of the last 15 years and is proud to say they have helped secure the reputation of our school as being a traditionally focused school which serves the community and promotes personal development and family over defeating others. Some thoughts you may hear from Sensei on occasion; “I see involvement is the cure to nearly all issues.” “Structure is the heart of freedom. Freedom without structure leads to chaos.” “We are not looking for random, accidental acts of kindness but intentional and even planned acts.”

Listed are some of the titles, responsibilities and certifications Hayes Sensei has been honored with:

  • Nanadan (7th degree black belt):
    Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha World Federation International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai
    Kenkukai Karate Do
  • Shodan:
    Kenkokan Federation World Koshiki Federation
  • Shidoshi Ha/ Sensei Kangoryuha Kenjutsu, Kendo, Iaido
  • Saiko Komon to Watanabe Hanshi (Chief Advisor)
  • Fukukaicho (Senior Vice President) of the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha World Federation (SKWHWF)
  • Shibu Kaicho (Chapter President) of the New York Chapter SKWHWF
  • Shihan(Master) Non-administrative title regarding skill, experience and contribution
  • Sensei (Teacher) The most important and venerated role
  • Fukukaicho (Senior Vice President) of the  International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai (ISSK)
  • Kancho(Director) of the Island Budokan Martial Arts Academy
  • Kaicho (President) of the Kenkukai (Assoc.), Inc.
  • Former USA Olympic Team Member for Koshiki Karate Full Contact
  • World Champion Shinzen Kyokai International forms and Shiai 1993-95
  • Chief international judge and arbitrator
  • Licensed Kango Ryu Sensei – Kendo, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Toyamaryu / Seigo Ryu Iai
  • Certified BLS and CPR
  • Former Teacher - Comsewogue School District
  • CPT (certified personal trainer) various organizations

Peter Guarscio Godan:

Peter Godan's form is considered to be consistently admirable and most insightful as noted by both Watanabe Hanshi and Hayes Shihan. He is well respected by all. Peter Sensei has great experience and enjoys sharing with all the students here at the Island Budokan.

  • Yodan - Rank- April 29, 2006
  • Sensei (Teacher) The most important and venerated role
  • Shiai Inkai(Tournament Director) for Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha World Federation.
  • BS in Criminal Justice St. John’s University
  • Certified NYS Emergency Medical Technician
    Yodan / Sensei / Tashi
  • Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Karate Do - 19 years experience (May 1988 – present)
  • International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai
  • Kenkukai Karate Do·
  • Three years experience -Kango Ryu / Yagyu Shinkageryu Kato Ha, Kendo, Iaido, Kenjutsu February 2005- present Ikkyu / Shodan
  • Kodokan Judo - Instructor- Hank Kraft, 6th Dan Queens Judo Center, Forest Hills NY

Maurizio Milana Sensei:

Maurizio Sensei has been actively studying within the various Shorinjiryu Federations since 1991 when he began his study of Shorinjiryu Kenkukai Karate with Daniel Hayes, Shihan. Maurizio Sensei has certification for international full contact arbitration, judging, and competing.  He was the 1st Place International Champion of the International Full Contact Shinzen Kyokai Shiai (Tournament) for 1997, 1999, and 2001.  He was also 1st Place Champion of the Ed Taylor International Memorial Tournament for 1999, 2000, and 2002.  Maurizio Sensei was also invited to train with and be part of the USA Taekwondo Olympic Team.

  • BS in Mathematics
  • New York State Secondary Education teaching certificate. Currently teaching in Italian in the Comsewogue school district.
  • 3rd Dan - Shinzen Kyokai Federation
  • 3rd Dan - Shorinjiryu Watanabe Ha Karate-Do Federation
  • 3rd Dan - Kenkukai Karate Association

Ian Rosenblatt Sensei / Sandan:

Ian is our Sensei/Sandan and is most respected for his motivating dedication to the practice, study and teaching of Budo. He received his BS in Biology from the University of Connecticut in 2008 where he was the founder of the Island Budokan Karate Club at UConn. Ian is currently working as a Microbiologist at Estee Lauder. His competition record is great but more important is his spirit and his interaction with the students of the dojo.

  • Nidan – Practicing 8 years
  • Collegiate Coordinator – SKWHWF
  • Toyamaryu / Seigo Ryu Iai
  • Experience in Aikido and Jujutsu

Stephanie Coleman Senpai:

Stephanie Senpai is known by everyone in the entire Federation because of her genuine desire to help and professional skills. She is responsible for much of the communication and event planning as well as financial aspects of the IB.  Stephanie is very involved in the community and is a great resource for most of the parents who are in need of information. Parent phone chains, emails and all forms of communication from Sensei and others often come via Stephanie Senpai as well as helpful advice in practice and involvement.  You will find her only too eager to help and will often find her looking for volunteers or volunteering herself. Stephanie Senpai, like all of the Sensei and Senpai, is truly an integral part of the Island Budokan.

  • Shodan – Actively practicing and competing since 2001
  • Oshoki Kiroku (Secretary) - Island Budokan
  • Events Coordinator - SKWHWF
  • Newsletter Editor - SKWHWF
  • Communications Director - SKWHWF
  • BS Management and Communications
  • Certified BLS and CPR
  • 3 years Kango Ryu – Kendo, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Toyamaryu / Seigo Ryu Iai
  • Mother of two. One student (Abby), Shodan Yushi (Jr. Black Belt)

Watanabe Shunji Sensei (Karate, Judo, Bukiho):

Shuseki Saiko Shihan Hanshi
One of the chief proponents of Shorinjiryu Karate Do, and the leading disciple and heir of Kori Hisataka Shinan, Shunji Watanabe Kaicho is 9th Dan and Chief Instructor and President of the Shorinjiryu Watanabe-Ha Karate-Do World Federation.

  • 1977 – Present - Japan Karate Center - Owings Mills, MD
  • Born in Japan in 1938
  • Began instruction with Shinan Kori Hisataka 1955, Tokyo
  • Promoted to Shodan March, 1958
  • Demonstrated Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate at Expo ’67 in Montreal Canada 
  • June 1972 Established as Chief Instructor of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate in United States
  • January 1973 Elected President of the newly created Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Karate Federation
  • 1974 Established. Japan Karate and Judo Center—Recognized as Baltimore’s Best Karate School (1986 and 1996)

Kazuo Kato Sensei (Koryu):

Shihan / Kaicho
Studied Yagyu Shinkage Ryu for 10 years under the 26th head of the Yagyu family, Nobuharu Yagyu Sensei, in Nagoya, Japan.

  • Godan (5th Dan): Kendo
    Toyama Ryu Iaido
  • Shihan (Master) Kotachi Goshindo
  • Shidoshi (Instructor): Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, Seigo Ryu, Toyama Ryu, Tendo Ryu Naginata, Jodo, Syuriken, Yari
  • Kaicho / Shuseki Saiko Shihan: Kangoryuha