Koshiki no Kata (古式の形) is a kata (a set of prearranged techniques) in Judo.

In this instance, Koshiki is a sport style of kumite (sparring or “promise hands”) developed at the inspiration of Shiai by Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Shihan. This style of fighting is much faster than most and can be equated with the art of Kendo in both purpose and appearance. Participants wearbogu (chest protection) and men (head/face protection) as a means of both targeting and protection from the “controlled” full contact. The goal is to offer opportunity to engage in combat to develop Tsushin (active Zen), timing, strategy, explosive power, commitment and selflessness while securing the safety of the combatants.

While the rules may vary slightly depending upon the sponsor of the event, general rules include the use of all recognized striking techniques of karate, throws, grabs and kicks.

The sport of Koshiki was to be introduced at the Syndey 2000 Olympics and is now a very popular international sport. There are now several different organizations that participate in this form of “kumite” and it is open to all styles.